My Spiritual Consultations are part of the services I offer through my Healing Practice to support those in need of guidance and personal empowerment for their highest good. It is strongly based on my Cuban roots, Yoruba Traditions and my divine ancestry legacy as a Bruja (Witch), Spiritist, Intuitive Seer, High Priestess, Oracle and Medium. 

- Spiritism (consultation to speak with soul spirits that passed over and/or spirit guides)

- Orisha Consultation 

- Obi  Oracle Reading (Lectura del Coco)

- Diloggun Reading (Adivinacion con Caracol)

- Past Lives Remembrance and Healing (Regresion y Sanacion de Vidas Pasadas)

- Intuitive Reading (Goddess Oracle, Tarot and Palm)

*During spiritual consultations and/or readings you can always ask specific life questions regarding work, overall health and family yet remember you always hold the key to your future.