Alignment Message

est. June 14, 2015


As the weekend ends and a new week starts we are receiving massive energy downloads from source through our life giving Sun and there’s nothing but ALIGNMENT in the air.

Are you ready for it?! Is your heart centered open?!
Have you done the inner work or are you still waiting in auto pilot?!

Start today to expand the most important energy center in your light being, empower yourself through healing your wounds and reaching for the inner light.

Start your journey from the inside. Look for simple answers to complicated questions deep within your heart core center and if you find yourself unable to connect to this most precious place of eternal love always remember that there are those around you that are willing to help you heal and expand your light.

It is not about ascension, it is not about moving forward is just about AWAKENING in the HERE and the NOW. Is about finally gaining divine clarity about the love that you have come forth to be and how it feels like. When this pure knowingness happens we allow synchronicity and alignment to manifest in the NOW.

Love you all so very much!