collective message

As you read these words to some of you they might not make any "sense", just remember that we are ALL multidimensional beings and I am  personally encoded with many light languages that bring Multidimensionality to all my messages, so when you read please allow your eyes to glide gracefully through the message, not in a linear perspective but as what it is, a Encoded Light Message. 


Est. october 13, 2017 

Dear Brothers & Sisters!

As many of you are connected with the Global Multidimensional Net of Awareness that surrounds the Earth at lower dimensions many others are aware of higher realms of existence in which we all vibrate, that in itself it represents a full complete Collective Consciousness, that can be reach through energetic work.

As the period of 4/3 - 4/5 (closing of 100 years of suffering) gets closer, I tell you dear ones, what a week has been, many of you are aware of the changes while others are not fully feeling the shifts within the energetic higher grids of your body and the one of the Earth itself, as we aspire in our own Ascension, to keep growing into the next level and keep awakening.  I a here to tell you that there’s is nothing you cannot do to reach or acquire in this lifetime all that IS that is not already manifested in different dimensions out of - time and space- reality  and as you continue your Evolution and growth as a Light Being. The doors of unresolved issues, drama, & darkness will start to close to open wider doors of knowledge and understanding for the collective.

As we receive the beginning of this beautiful month I welcome you all to feel the reborn of your cells at high speed, how the ego mind (the basic self) and lower vibrational bodies start to disintegrate into layers and are been release to the light. Many of this information may resound with you or you might choose to disengage from the higher realms at this time and keep experimenting the external.

For the ones that are searching I suggest to go within, talk to your inner child, see what’s ready to be let go and call forth your light and with love release.

Is time to wake up and keep forth into the light of your heart to expand and grow, letting go and expanding from within, for that is what we have come forth to do, to Wake Up, raise consciousness and expand our light beyond measure.

 My Personal Experience during this period of planetary shift:

-Release of primitive thinking

- Download of broader information from the higher planes

-Easier access to manifestation and information

- No-linear time stabilization

- Overall temperature changes in the body regular codification

- External pressure for "moving on", pressure helps to stabilized internal old   patterns/parameters of creation

- Ending of duality on higher consciousness

- Beauty, age expansion no limitations

As I share this, the experience of my soul, and that of many which are not close to me I hope this information find you well and that elevates your consciousness to other possibilities, so you also can feel mobilized to act on your new vibration of love and take a step into the knowingness of your heart.

Love you always, brothers and sister of the Sun