What is happening? Ascension message

This is the question that many of my students, clients and/or friends (including myself) start to ask when we are processing the shifts in personal consciousness. If you are interested and " understand" consciousness this message given to me while in my process can definitely help you through yours. 


here is what i wrote back in 2015/2016.

What is happening now is the full blown physical manifestation of the activation and integration of your God(ess) cell to a cellular level. Your body has been purged through this process ( series of activations and integrations) all have a deep remembrance in your cellular structure. From “Out with the Old, In with the New”. They all allow the clearing of your DNA structure, layer after layer until the basic DNA Structure of the human body has integrated to the God cell within your Core Essence in the heart center of your Soul Being. This symbiosis is has been done to your core center, this is why you feel it already all over your body. In reality, this merging on two in one goes from the expansion of the God Cell on that Heart Core Center to the Core Center within your Core Plexus which represents your full power as a Ascended Being. This God Cell substance is transformed them into Pure Light (gold) energy (in the core center/plexus), it is then transferred through the rest of your -already activated and fully integrated- into the physical form light body to the Earth core for her use and later on helps with the process of manifestation and co-creation.

The Heart Core Center is elevated and fully activated through the manifestation of God Cell (Source) in it. Once your light body and higher presence are fully manifested and integrated into the physical realm, then the Heart Core Center can start working to its full potential. This is something you are currently experiencing but not yet manifesting.

Indeed after this process of co-creation continues to expand and is then is fully integrated to this 12 dimension that the God cell is vibrating at the rest of your flying DNA strands can come to full manifestation through the activation of the same ones in the physical body. You might be feeling this already on your bone structure and denser areas of your body. Along the way, you will become masters of your destiny, and as you evolve as full sentient beings of the light you become aware of the opportunities to help humanity. With this we are talking about not only co-creating but also establishing a structural development of your physical body that accompanies your divine presence on earth. It is a process that also comes hand in hand with the ability to co-create with no time no space, no linear time (use the formula given to you).

The ability to awaken this DNA strands and showcase them among other humans will become imminent with the change on your own body and personal physical manifestation.

You asking us what is the purpose of all this, simple to believe that you can it. And so it is. The believe and trust will come as you go. As of right now the work you are doing is of extreme important.

Indeed Bioenergetics is the way to embrace this new path on your healing practices. It is  a more in-tune and refined demonstration of your fully awaken energies to manifestation. It will required more knowledge and deeper remembrance of past forgotten memories, including sacred geometry and symbology.