Ashna/Sofia Consciousness part 1 message


est. sept. 28 2016/17 

Hello dear one we are speaking to you from the Center of the Earth…we are the ones that have guided you to re-encountered yourself with this information about the Merkaba. Please do not be afraid of it…for fear in itself is a fighting mechanism. Yes indeed many talk about this symbol in many books and writings yet please understand that this indeed IS still a creation of a vibration that is been formed already by those in the consciousness. The Sun has Now for you taken its place as much as in the heavens as in Earth as you Now feel the heavens also on Earth and the sacred portal of Ashna/Sofia in both spectrums and all realities.

We are those that with you care for this doorway and follow the wisdom of the heavens here on Earth.  Your mission Now has extended to the Galactic corners from this side Consciousness as well.

We remain in the spheres of the Sun to maintain the energy fully clear and pure. For purity is was remains in the heart of the beloved Ones.

Ana Sofia Heaven on Earth god self embody in the presence of IS.

Ana Sofia purity, introspection, divine feminine incarnated, divine masculine incarnated, sensuality and sexuality, eternal wisdom, clarity and sovereignty over the alter mind, truth and freedom through liberation of the mind, creative power , constant manifestation, solitude and rise, grounding, alive, vivid, wild, freedom of the heart, cosmic love and ascension divine. Ana Sofia is the cosmic love , the other half of source....more to come...

we love you,