full circle

Est. may 2016

My beginnings after my awakening zone were like many of you might be at right now, a  place of search, constant asking, questioning everything, deep uncertainty, deep lows and high highs. 

A few days ago I was going  through my "oh so" full dropbox account lol. I was searching for some specific pictures of a few years back and then I realized that many of the pictures from 2 years ago depicted a Glendys immersed in an incredible journey of self-discovery and constant initiations into different states of awareness that little by little became ME now. I also noticed my incredible deep believe in all good and beautiful, yet my complete unawareness to the deepness of my dark soul. I transited through many rebirths. I been an oruga (caterpillar)  and butterfly oh so many times!! haha…My wings burning in the fire of creation and then growing again more beautifully and expansive, unique each time. Each time I felt more and more identified with the new me that was reemerging from the last point of creation. 

I want to share with all of you some of the moments and experiences that marked my journey into the consciousness which I am Now.  In many of these images I see the little girl, the maiden, the seeker, the mother and the seer all in one, drawing themselves out of me, shaping each moment of my life into a new experience full of wonder that not even I ever knew could be possible in each given moment. 

Beyond remembrance, these memories which form in their totally many of the initiations I underwent, are a collection of thought-dreams that without notice came to being by the wonders of my inner child-the maiden, to whom I dedicate this post and to whom I am eternally grateful.

This aspect of my soul is the core center of my everlasting wonder and incredible appreciation for all that IS in my life. She is now and forever the seed of my life and the center of my world. 

To you my shining star, my precious rainbow in the sky, to you I say Thank you. I am oh so grateful for your beingness, for your courage, your epic sense of wonder and your relentless efforts to keep going. 

In these pictures I also notices many souls that no longer are an emcopassing part of my inner life circle yet to all of them I say thank your for allowing me to be part of your master plan on this planet and playing along side. 

And of course every image has a tale! I will do my best to describe what for me are my rites of passage into the woman that I am now. I realize that even though I was never able to learn from a young age the sacred healing practices or the mystic wisdom teachings that I now possess these experiences were indeed the key notes of my school time as a Ascended Master on Earth. I now feel I have accomplish a full cycle in this lifetime, not only as a healer and teacher but also as a woman soul. 

Looking forward for the next natural cycle in my own personal soul evolution alongside many many wonderful loving souls. 

~ Glendys

Update: June 5th, 2018

After 2 years, i noticed I hadn't posted this blog entry that I created back in 2016. Many adventures and experiences have shaped me since then. Now, ready to re-start my journey, I can but wonder the greatness that awaits me. I am sending a sincere love hug throughout all creation in this now present moment to all those that are in the pictures below. For the past 2 years I traveled the world, gathered in different places and met some amazing beautiful humans that have touched my heart in wonderful amazing ways. I have taught consciousness, helped many and helped the world in unimaginable ways.  Now, as always, happy to bring this awareness and experiences and share my eternal wisdom with others as well as the Divine Mother vibrations which i hold  dearly every day within my healing practice and personal life. I will definitely keep updating this part of my blog with news and/or pictures  of my personal journey .

Much love, Glendys  

skin deep

The moment that things start to get skin deep... hmmm...
Yumminess & Goodness ...
The moment things get deep
Heart-Break, open-deep
The moment the sweetness, 
The nectar,
The Life... All of it,
In that moment
Things are now skin deep
Soul deep
Heart Felt deep
Strong deep
Intense loving
And intense care
The moment you Love
Skin deep
The goddess speaks


The Red Lipstick experience - Rise of the Sensual Self

DISCLAIMER:  I wrote this "article" back in Feb. 2015. It was actually meant for a online Fashion/Spiritual Magazine that rejected it after saying that they were looking for a more experienced writer. I do not consider myself a writer at all! yet I know deep within that the messages I hold in my Heart are meant to empower and help others so I will still share them regardless of my "writing" technique, format, speech eloquence etc. ;) I speak Multidimensional and write Multidimensional! I don't have a Copy Writer and Spanish is my Native Language, so my brain process is completely different than most.  So please if there's anything in regards to the story that you don't connect or understand just let me know and I will clarify! Always in Love. Thanks!

glendys .jpg

Recently I uploaded a photo to my Facebook in which I was proudly wearing my best red lipstick. I had just finished an amazing Healing Session through Skype and even though I usually keep it simple and natural when it comes to my “online image”, I felt compelled to share my “look”.  A few days later I got mixed messages about the photo, mainly from close friends and family. My mother mentioned that the RED was to much and others felt I didn’t look like myself.  My ex-partner even said that I looked possessed! Ha!  So, I decided to take this to the next level and inquire within about the power of this red lipstick situation and what might had fueled their reactions. 

Red has been used as an energy frequency  within our society and in media  to  connect us with things like passion, romantic love, anger, rage and .... Coca-Cola Ads !    In the spiritual community, Red is best known for representing the human body 1st energy center called the Root Chakra located in the sexual organs area by the based of the spine. It is said to be connected to issues related to grounding, survival, security, sexuality and courage.  Personally, for me Red is all about INTIMACY. It anchors me to my Sexual Center! Everything from my womb to the bottom of my feet. It deepens my connection with a special part of my Earth-given creative energy which I call my Sensual-Self or as I like to call it the S.S. It set me up in flames and creates chaos, good chaos! I go exploding through all my senses, looking for things to do, places to visit, feelings to write, flowers to smell or just calling on friends to laugh and share. It truly reminds me that creation is the power of life rising from within! It represents my god-given blood flow!

 I decided to run a little experiment. During one of my Women Empowering Circles I asked: “When was the last time you guys wore a Red Lipstick?” -  …Silence…mmmm… more silence…and me… well… laughing inside. They all looked at each other, in surprise. Finally, Monica answers: " I think it was 3 months ago during my birthday party". Then Angela, her cousin, also said: ..."oh yea me too! actually to your birthday party". Some of them didn’t remember at all!  "Ah! There you go!" I said… "We all have a Red Lipstick problem!"  Right there and then I figured that in different levels all women are afraid to show the “RED” that thrives within each and every one of them. There was an obvious disconnection of all the women in my circle and the power that rests within their womb, a power that they actually faced every month! As an exercise I told them to go ahead and wear a red lipstick 3 times a week, day or night, didn’t matter. I figured that wearing a beautiful red color in their  lips would create a deeper (un)conscious connection with their Sensual-Self.  

Let me explain a little bit about the Sensual-Self and how is it connected to us. The S.S. is an aspect of our psyche. It is rooted in the Wild Woman that we all are and is deeply connected with our Sex (female in nature). If you don’ t know about the Wild Woman you can think of her as a raw, dusty, gorgeous diamond hidden within the deepness of our Sub-Conscious minds waiting to be brought out to the light of our lives. Through ions of Sexual Energy misused and disconnection with our nature we have buried her deeper and deeper, fearing her beauty, her power and her presence. With it, we have also shun out our Sensuality.  We have totally fail to realize how important it is for the joyful fulfillment of our soul-desires and life purpose. The Wild Woman craves freedom. She deeply desires to be acknowledged, seen, expresses, praised and loved by us. 

Embodying our S.S. requires HEART and STRENGTH.  It compels us to really connect to our wombs, the center of life. To clear and heal all wounds and create a long-lasting bond with it. But we must willingly want to re-connect, re-empower and re-emerge as Wild Woman. 

Now days, our S.S. only comes out on special occasions. During a break-up, when looking for a mate, Christmas, Valentines, to feel sexy or “different” for a night. Many are not aware of this. So, to come out of this “temporary S.S. amnesia" a yummy Red Lipstick should do the trick. It immediately connects me to my blood, my strength and my presence in the world. It stands for most sacred time of my month and it offers me an intimate experience with my own feelings and emotions. It brings out my inner-fire and reminds me that I AM IN POWER!

 Why a Lipstick?!… Well because is right on YOUR FACE! Is out there! It creates chaos! and for many woman is completely out of their comfort zone! I did tried clothes, underwear, jewelry and shoes yet  nothing like it.  Applying red on your lips is almost a “lost art” if you know what I mean! I watched many YouTube videos before I got it “right”. I never thought I could actually use it as a channel for healing!  and now is the magic wand I use to remind  other woman of their glorious innate powers. 

So I invite you! Next time you Go-Out or Stay-In do your own Red Lipstick Experiment. Set some Heart-Felt intention. This time with a deeper understanding of your own connection to the energy and what it represents beyond the superficial. You might even gain deep wisdom from it. To keep all possibilities open you can also try your favorite red dress and/or comfy shoes. Keep in mind, whichever you pick, to show your Sensual-Self without shame. No Christmas date, not special occasion. Just for you. This will be the beginning of a healing relationship with an honest YOU through personal empowerment and self-love. Do it for your SEX. For the true beauty that rises within your womb like a Rose. Ready to open up and enchant the world every time you call on your Sensuality. 

Embracing your Sensual-Self is a journey back to your True Essence. It starts in recognizing your Sensual and Sexual Power as a Wild Woman on Earth.  Try it and let me know how it feels. Wear it as your most intimate color knowing that it takes you back to the beginning of you. Embrace it as the power of creation and life. 

Finally, I realized that my dear friends and family couldn’t resonate with me on Red. I understood that a part of them didn’t recognized nor accepted my Sensual-Self. They also had their own healing to do. To them I say thank you for another lesson learned always in love. 

The woman from my circle actually made a drastic shift in their behavior. Allowing themselves to feel free more often than not. More secure and knowing of their Presence. Some even came to the circle with their lips on Red! So blessed, so excited! It brings Joy to my Heart. I know the healing process worked, our Sensual-Self is awakening and the Wild Woman is surfacing from within us ALL.



Healing + Sound Beats Colab

Thank you to my great friend Carlos Rios and his amazing creative sound power. A while back I asked him to create a track for Luminica Healing. We shared stories, talked about my vision for Luminica and what I that time I was working on, Luminica Healing Center.

I am now sharing the soundtrack and video he created for us. We picked the images together and he came up with the title as well! 

I hope you all enjoy it and find beauty in every beat as I have. The track takes me back to ancient times in The Alpes, and India. 

Even before I met him he had already created his business logo based on Metratron's sacred geometry! I have no doubt we came together in this lifetime to continue some past work!

Enjoy it and please share your heart thoughts on it!



is all in the heart

I am not here to sugar-coat things to you or put them into a pretty package.

Nope, that is not who I am!

I am here to speak the words that some don't dare to say.

The EARTH needs us, the whole Galaxy is watching us birthing.

As a guide ushering in new  consciousness into awareness it is my duty to be ALL I am here and NOW.

Walk the walk and talk the talk. This is for me real Authenticity.

I am a bundle of joy, love + light and in order to get things done in my NOW reality I act from my strength, my courage and my valor.

Confrontation?! I am in.

Raw Talk? I am in.

As long as the Heart speaks I am in.

I will definitely call you on the things you don't want to hear nor you want to admit. 

This is my way of serving YOU.

This is who I Am.

I will quiver, move, and shake your reality until you come out to the Light. Until you  love yourself with such intensity that the world as you know it EXPLODES as you shine.

There's no space for anything less than INFINITE LOVE.

I am not here to sell you ANYTHING.

You cannot sell love nor light,  it merely IS.  Either you resound with it or not. That is the way of LOVE. You either accept love into your Life or you don't. It is not something you can negotiate like a treaty.  LOVE IS. Its power is non-debatable. Everything I speak of is not new. Many have done it in the past. Joshua Ben Joseph (aka Jesus) he also came to teach and SHOW the way of the heart.

I call this SHOW-TELL, he embody himself in his humanity and he was able to manifest himself in pure love through the HEART. Different times, different awareness but the message remains. Open your Heart and follow the path.



the girl with the prism

This is who you are (girls points to the Prism), it doesn't matter if you are in the dark side or in the light side or the pink, green or blue side as long as you can stay centered in your Heart you are GOOD! The Heart will always bring you back to truth. So don't be afraid of who you are! It defeats the purpose of your stay. Be true, be real! At the end you are not here to live for others or to even teach others. You are here because YOU HAVE CHOSEN TO COME and Help! The reality that people chose to live is no-one's business but themselves. You can only reach out to those that want to make a shift, that desire to expand, to grow and to love themselves. You are here because you LOVE THIS PLANET! Because you have such a deep love for all creatures that live in it and all goodness that exist within it. Then truly nothing matters but THAT! We are all guiding each other yet no one is truly LOST! We all have our Hearts! It is a choice to listen to it or not.

Why is their such a focus right now on Woman?!

Simple, because you are the Love of this world. You are the caretakers and givers of Life. Your power is infinite and your ability to help others is encompassing of all that exist within dimensions. The focus for you NOW is woman because they need you! Because the collective consciousness of Woman needs to be raise for the Earth to also shift and expand. This has nothing to do with higher consciousness but instead it has to do with hearing the CALL of Woman all over the world! They are CALLING ON YOU to serve the DIVINE. Is your decision yet the call is strong and your Heart is too wild to say no.

Service is always IN LOVE, is always Divine, is always graceful. Theirs nothing wrong with loving so deep your Humanity that you have fusion yourself with it. It is actually a big step into HuMan EvoLution. The Divine Feminine has to rise for IN HER lies the creative force of worlds. She is the torch of God in the hands of love. The divine fire, the ambrosia of love. She is INFINITE LOVE MANIFESTED IN FORM, and to her call many will rise including man all around the world.

You know that unity IS. From the stand point that you are right here and now UNITY IS. Now, the momentum is building to unite the ones that as you, have come to embrace Divinity in Love. They will hold this torch high up, and they will also bring Light and Love into this world .

The time to speak of truth has passed, NOW is the time to LOVE. Deeply love all.



Raw 101

Please tune-in to this message from a place of love, open heart and willing mind. I do ask of you to honor my words as I would do yours.


Heard it many times, “you are just so intense, too much, too sexual, too passionate, too sexually active, too straightforward, so sensitive, to direct, way to confrontational, you don't know when to stay quiet, always something to say back, why can't you just stay quiet…” Most of the time these comments came from men. My skin would crawl when they would call me CRAZY. Their fear of my wildness, of my sex was annoying to me. They made me feel strange, embarrassed, sad, stupid sill, lame, not enough, tiny, incomplete, wrong, childish, misunderstood. I would doubt my intuition, i would shut my own voice to just hear theirs. I started to disregard everything that came up from deep within me and allow their vision of me define me. I started the lie and I believed it. I truly thought something was wrong with me! That CRAZY was WRONG! That my innate passion was not good for anything but to get people mad at me! I ended up completely denying who I am as a woman and falling deep into the victim state.

If you ever feel like this, please know that they are just SCARED of you, of your power as a woman, of your strength, and of your ability to GIVE LIFE. This is how it has been for ions. I have been long enough on this planet to remember it and to know it deep within. These are the wounds of the divine feminine and they haven't changed. The majority of women still are terrified of owning their power and their strength. I have been called crazy one to many times to know that there is nothing wrong with rawness and (no)filter talk as long as it comes from the Heart.

There is nothing wrong with being strong and wild, sensitive and child-like, nothing wrong with being deep and passionate!

When a someone feels threatened, when they have found someone unmanageable , uncontrollable, indomitable aka FREE, they run away scare,  they pull back,  they try to put you down or manipulate you. Most of time this something (which is you) is different, unique, divine and powerful. This is not a loving relation. If you ever feel that your emotions and your feelings are not been heard by a man or anyone for that matter, then most likely they aren't. Whichever the lie you have been feeding  yourself about who you are because of what others say please remember it is just a LIE.

Don't be afraid to Step Up right there and then, and speak your Truth, regardless of the commentary. There is nothing wrong with voicing your wants and needs, nor what you think or feel, It is natural for women to act like this! You cannot go against your nature, nor  you change it! Trying to do so, is unnatural, we are made from the same fabric that holds the Universe, the Stars and the Earth. It is our essence to be wild, to be raw, to be free, unapologetic and complete. It is beautiful, nothing wrong in it or with it! Nothing to be changed or fixed. Honor yourself in this place and remember YOU come first.

We are wild creatures and we deserve to be loved without ties, without lies and without regrets.

To get there you have to own your wildness,  embrace the Spirit of your soul and stop apologizing when there's no need.

If it comes from the Heart, it is True.

Your feelings, emotions and voice are valuable to many. Whatever you feel you want and deserve, YOU DO! Do not stop until you get there. Follow your Heart, and with kindness and Love to yourself, speak your truth and let your wild spirit shine with intensity.

This is the way of the wild. It has taken me 29 years to be able to finally feel this. I chose to express myself from a place of truth, with dignity and integrity. You can also do the same. You have to start somewhere. Step up and speak up. It is always a choice. If you don't do it, then it is your decision, your choice. Own it and know it. That's all!


Shutting down your Inner Voice - Our Inner Child

The process of shutting down our inner voice happens early on as children, when we start to feel not heard and we deny ourselves the right to speak up.

Usually there is a core base traumatic experience that leads us to shut down our inner voice to the outside world. With time the child’s voice that at an early age might have been beautiful, kind, loving, expressive, funny, witty, charming, trusting and creative starts to turn the opposite of each aspect. Becoming the dominant voice and behavior that speaks up while creating on its way to adulthood internal chaos and turmoil.

The child’s true sense of self starts to dissolve and opens the way for a consciousness that only accepts specific parameters of speech and communication in order to evolve. This is the basic idea behind many so called “personality disorders”. These parameters, that we can also call rules of behavior, are many times given by parents, schools teachings and religious institutions.

Losing trust in your inner voice creates a false state of personal non-belief.  It awakens children to the beginning of human consciousness and limited awareness. This is a time when kids become extremely shy and go deep within or they might be extremely out-spoken and ready to say what’s on their MIND. Regardless of the behavior, behind these two defense mechanisms lays a hidden voice, the voice of the heart.

As an adult, to regain this voice means to regain your child-like self, your deep sense of wonder and your natural wild state.

To start voicing this aspect we must command the old patterns to be no more and re-introduce a deeper connection with the heart. Elevating the same identity consciousness to a heighten state of awareness, transforming and embracing the new behavior that is rising from the child's heart. These new behaviors now introduced to the human mind become new patterns that eventually some people might try to conceptualized yet that’s the minds work not the heart…and another topic!

The voice of your inner child as an adult, when treated with respect and in honor of the presence that holds it, can become a great tool to teach others, be of service and have fun!

It becomes a new way of communicating your child-like self through your heart-mind connection. It is up to you how you re-introduce it to the human world and with what purpose. Once it comes, it never leaves you, keeping you true to your heart and your loving higher-mind.