full circle

Est. may 2016

My beginnings after my awakening zone were like many of you might be at right now, a  place of search, constant asking, questioning everything, deep uncertainty, deep lows and high highs. 

A few days ago I was going  through my "oh so" full dropbox account lol. I was searching for some specific pictures of a few years back and then I realized that many of the pictures from 2 years ago depicted a Glendys immersed in an incredible journey of self-discovery and constant initiations into different states of awareness that little by little became ME now. I also noticed my incredible deep believe in all good and beautiful, yet my complete unawareness to the deepness of my dark soul. I transited through many rebirths. I been an oruga (caterpillar)  and butterfly oh so many times!! haha‚ĶMy wings burning in the fire of creation and then growing again more beautifully and expansive, unique each time. Each time I felt more and more identified with the new me that was reemerging from the last point of creation. 

I want to share with all of you some of the moments and experiences that marked my journey into the consciousness which I am Now.  In many of these images I see the little girl, the maiden, the seeker, the mother and the seer all in one, drawing themselves out of me, shaping each moment of my life into a new experience full of wonder that not even I ever knew could be possible in each given moment. 

Beyond remembrance, these memories which form in their totally many of the initiations I underwent, are a collection of thought-dreams that without notice came to being by the wonders of my inner child-the maiden, to whom I dedicate this post and to whom I am eternally grateful.

This aspect of my soul is the core center of my everlasting wonder and incredible appreciation for all that IS in my life. She is now and forever the seed of my life and the center of my world. 

To you my shining star, my precious rainbow in the sky, to you I say Thank you. I am oh so grateful for your beingness, for your courage, your epic sense of wonder and your relentless efforts to keep going. 

In these pictures I also notices many souls that no longer are an emcopassing part of my inner life circle yet to all of them I say thank your for allowing me to be part of your master plan on this planet and playing along side. 

And of course every image has a tale! I will do my best to describe what for me are my rites of passage into the woman that I am now. I realize that even though I was never able to learn from a young age the sacred healing practices or the mystic wisdom teachings that I now possess these experiences were indeed the key notes of my school time as a Ascended Master on Earth. I now feel I have accomplish a full cycle in this lifetime, not only as a healer and teacher but also as a woman soul. 

Looking forward for the next natural cycle in my own personal soul evolution alongside many many wonderful loving souls. 

~ Glendys

Update: June 5th, 2018

After 2 years, i noticed I hadn't posted this blog entry that I created back in 2016. Many adventures and experiences have shaped me since then. Now, ready to re-start my journey, I can but wonder the greatness that awaits me. I am sending a sincere love hug throughout all creation in this now present moment to all those that are in the pictures below. For the past 2 years I traveled the world, gathered in different places and met some amazing beautiful humans that have touched my heart in wonderful amazing ways. I have taught consciousness, helped many and helped the world in unimaginable ways.  Now, as always, happy to bring this awareness and experiences and share my eternal wisdom with others as well as the Divine Mother vibrations which i hold  dearly every day within my healing practice and personal life. I will definitely keep updating this part of my blog with news and/or pictures  of my personal journey .

Much love, Glendys