is all in the heart

I am not here to sugar-coat things to you or put them into a pretty package.

Nope, that is not who I am!

I am here to speak the words that some don't dare to say.

The EARTH needs us, the whole Galaxy is watching us birthing.

As a guide ushering in new  consciousness into awareness it is my duty to be ALL I am here and NOW.

Walk the walk and talk the talk. This is for me real Authenticity.

I am a bundle of joy, love + light and in order to get things done in my NOW reality I act from my strength, my courage and my valor.

Confrontation?! I am in.

Raw Talk? I am in.

As long as the Heart speaks I am in.

I will definitely call you on the things you don't want to hear nor you want to admit. 

This is my way of serving YOU.

This is who I Am.

I will quiver, move, and shake your reality until you come out to the Light. Until you  love yourself with such intensity that the world as you know it EXPLODES as you shine.

There's no space for anything less than INFINITE LOVE.

I am not here to sell you ANYTHING.

You cannot sell love nor light,  it merely IS.  Either you resound with it or not. That is the way of LOVE. You either accept love into your Life or you don't. It is not something you can negotiate like a treaty.  LOVE IS. Its power is non-debatable. Everything I speak of is not new. Many have done it in the past. Joshua Ben Joseph (aka Jesus) he also came to teach and SHOW the way of the heart.

I call this SHOW-TELL, he embody himself in his humanity and he was able to manifest himself in pure love through the HEART. Different times, different awareness but the message remains. Open your Heart and follow the path.