Raw 101

Please tune-in to this message from a place of love, open heart and willing mind. I do ask of you to honor my words as I would do yours.


Heard it many times, “you are just so intense, too much, too sexual, too passionate, too sexually active, too straightforward, so sensitive, to direct, way to confrontational, you don't know when to stay quiet, always something to say back, why can't you just stay quiet…” Most of the time these comments came from men. My skin would crawl when they would call me CRAZY. Their fear of my wildness, of my sex was annoying to me. They made me feel strange, embarrassed, sad, stupid sill, lame, not enough, tiny, incomplete, wrong, childish, misunderstood. I would doubt my intuition, i would shut my own voice to just hear theirs. I started to disregard everything that came up from deep within me and allow their vision of me define me. I started the lie and I believed it. I truly thought something was wrong with me! That CRAZY was WRONG! That my innate passion was not good for anything but to get people mad at me! I ended up completely denying who I am as a woman and falling deep into the victim state.

If you ever feel like this, please know that they are just SCARED of you, of your power as a woman, of your strength, and of your ability to GIVE LIFE. This is how it has been for ions. I have been long enough on this planet to remember it and to know it deep within. These are the wounds of the divine feminine and they haven't changed. The majority of women still are terrified of owning their power and their strength. I have been called crazy one to many times to know that there is nothing wrong with rawness and (no)filter talk as long as it comes from the Heart.

There is nothing wrong with being strong and wild, sensitive and child-like, nothing wrong with being deep and passionate!

When a someone feels threatened, when they have found someone unmanageable , uncontrollable, indomitable aka FREE, they run away scare,  they pull back,  they try to put you down or manipulate you. Most of time this something (which is you) is different, unique, divine and powerful. This is not a loving relation. If you ever feel that your emotions and your feelings are not been heard by a man or anyone for that matter, then most likely they aren't. Whichever the lie you have been feeding  yourself about who you are because of what others say please remember it is just a LIE.

Don't be afraid to Step Up right there and then, and speak your Truth, regardless of the commentary. There is nothing wrong with voicing your wants and needs, nor what you think or feel, It is natural for women to act like this! You cannot go against your nature, nor  you change it! Trying to do so, is unnatural, we are made from the same fabric that holds the Universe, the Stars and the Earth. It is our essence to be wild, to be raw, to be free, unapologetic and complete. It is beautiful, nothing wrong in it or with it! Nothing to be changed or fixed. Honor yourself in this place and remember YOU come first.

We are wild creatures and we deserve to be loved without ties, without lies and without regrets.

To get there you have to own your wildness,  embrace the Spirit of your soul and stop apologizing when there's no need.

If it comes from the Heart, it is True.

Your feelings, emotions and voice are valuable to many. Whatever you feel you want and deserve, YOU DO! Do not stop until you get there. Follow your Heart, and with kindness and Love to yourself, speak your truth and let your wild spirit shine with intensity.

This is the way of the wild. It has taken me 29 years to be able to finally feel this. I chose to express myself from a place of truth, with dignity and integrity. You can also do the same. You have to start somewhere. Step up and speak up. It is always a choice. If you don't do it, then it is your decision, your choice. Own it and know it. That's all!