Shutting down your Inner Voice - Our Inner Child

The process of shutting down our inner voice happens early on as children, when we start to feel not heard and we deny ourselves the right to speak up.

Usually there is a core base traumatic experience that leads us to shut down our inner voice to the outside world. With time the child’s voice that at an early age might have been beautiful, kind, loving, expressive, funny, witty, charming, trusting and creative starts to turn the opposite of each aspect. Becoming the dominant voice and behavior that speaks up while creating on its way to adulthood internal chaos and turmoil.

The child’s true sense of self starts to dissolve and opens the way for a consciousness that only accepts specific parameters of speech and communication in order to evolve. This is the basic idea behind many so called “personality disorders”. These parameters, that we can also call rules of behavior, are many times given by parents, schools teachings and religious institutions.

Losing trust in your inner voice creates a false state of personal non-belief.  It awakens children to the beginning of human consciousness and limited awareness. This is a time when kids become extremely shy and go deep within or they might be extremely out-spoken and ready to say what’s on their MIND. Regardless of the behavior, behind these two defense mechanisms lays a hidden voice, the voice of the heart.

As an adult, to regain this voice means to regain your child-like self, your deep sense of wonder and your natural wild state.

To start voicing this aspect we must command the old patterns to be no more and re-introduce a deeper connection with the heart. Elevating the same identity consciousness to a heighten state of awareness, transforming and embracing the new behavior that is rising from the child's heart. These new behaviors now introduced to the human mind become new patterns that eventually some people might try to conceptualized yet that’s the minds work not the heart…and another topic!

The voice of your inner child as an adult, when treated with respect and in honor of the presence that holds it, can become a great tool to teach others, be of service and have fun!

It becomes a new way of communicating your child-like self through your heart-mind connection. It is up to you how you re-introduce it to the human world and with what purpose. Once it comes, it never leaves you, keeping you true to your heart and your loving higher-mind.