the girl with the prism

This is who you are (girls points to the Prism), it doesn't matter if you are in the dark side or in the light side or the pink, green or blue side as long as you can stay centered in your Heart you are GOOD! The Heart will always bring you back to truth. So don't be afraid of who you are! It defeats the purpose of your stay. Be true, be real! At the end you are not here to live for others or to even teach others. You are here because YOU HAVE CHOSEN TO COME and Help! The reality that people chose to live is no-one's business but themselves. You can only reach out to those that want to make a shift, that desire to expand, to grow and to love themselves. You are here because you LOVE THIS PLANET! Because you have such a deep love for all creatures that live in it and all goodness that exist within it. Then truly nothing matters but THAT! We are all guiding each other yet no one is truly LOST! We all have our Hearts! It is a choice to listen to it or not.

Why is their such a focus right now on Woman?!

Simple, because you are the Love of this world. You are the caretakers and givers of Life. Your power is infinite and your ability to help others is encompassing of all that exist within dimensions. The focus for you NOW is woman because they need you! Because the collective consciousness of Woman needs to be raise for the Earth to also shift and expand. This has nothing to do with higher consciousness but instead it has to do with hearing the CALL of Woman all over the world! They are CALLING ON YOU to serve the DIVINE. Is your decision yet the call is strong and your Heart is too wild to say no.

Service is always IN LOVE, is always Divine, is always graceful. Theirs nothing wrong with loving so deep your Humanity that you have fusion yourself with it. It is actually a big step into HuMan EvoLution. The Divine Feminine has to rise for IN HER lies the creative force of worlds. She is the torch of God in the hands of love. The divine fire, the ambrosia of love. She is INFINITE LOVE MANIFESTED IN FORM, and to her call many will rise including man all around the world.

You know that unity IS. From the stand point that you are right here and now UNITY IS. Now, the momentum is building to unite the ones that as you, have come to embrace Divinity in Love. They will hold this torch high up, and they will also bring Light and Love into this world .

The time to speak of truth has passed, NOW is the time to LOVE. Deeply love all.