The Red Lipstick experience - Rise of the Sensual Self

DISCLAIMER:  I wrote this "article" back in Feb. 2015. It was actually meant for a online Fashion/Spiritual Magazine that rejected it after saying that they were looking for a more experienced writer. I do not consider myself a writer at all! yet I know deep within that the messages I hold in my Heart are meant to empower and help others so I will still share them regardless of my "writing" technique, format, speech eloquence etc. ;) I speak Multidimensional and write Multidimensional! I don't have a Copy Writer and Spanish is my Native Language, so my brain process is completely different than most.  So please if there's anything in regards to the story that you don't connect or understand just let me know and I will clarify! Always in Love. Thanks!

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Recently I uploaded a photo to my Facebook in which I was proudly wearing my best red lipstick. I had just finished an amazing Healing Session through Skype and even though I usually keep it simple and natural when it comes to my “online image”, I felt compelled to share my “look”.  A few days later I got mixed messages about the photo, mainly from close friends and family. My mother mentioned that the RED was to much and others felt I didn’t look like myself.  My ex-partner even said that I looked possessed! Ha!  So, I decided to take this to the next level and inquire within about the power of this red lipstick situation and what might had fueled their reactions. 

Red has been used as an energy frequency  within our society and in media  to  connect us with things like passion, romantic love, anger, rage and .... Coca-Cola Ads !    In the spiritual community, Red is best known for representing the human body 1st energy center called the Root Chakra located in the sexual organs area by the based of the spine. It is said to be connected to issues related to grounding, survival, security, sexuality and courage.  Personally, for me Red is all about INTIMACY. It anchors me to my Sexual Center! Everything from my womb to the bottom of my feet. It deepens my connection with a special part of my Earth-given creative energy which I call my Sensual-Self or as I like to call it the S.S. It set me up in flames and creates chaos, good chaos! I go exploding through all my senses, looking for things to do, places to visit, feelings to write, flowers to smell or just calling on friends to laugh and share. It truly reminds me that creation is the power of life rising from within! It represents my god-given blood flow!

 I decided to run a little experiment. During one of my Women Empowering Circles I asked: “When was the last time you guys wore a Red Lipstick?” -  …Silence…mmmm… more silence…and me… well… laughing inside. They all looked at each other, in surprise. Finally, Monica answers: " I think it was 3 months ago during my birthday party". Then Angela, her cousin, also said: ..."oh yea me too! actually to your birthday party". Some of them didn’t remember at all!  "Ah! There you go!" I said… "We all have a Red Lipstick problem!"  Right there and then I figured that in different levels all women are afraid to show the “RED” that thrives within each and every one of them. There was an obvious disconnection of all the women in my circle and the power that rests within their womb, a power that they actually faced every month! As an exercise I told them to go ahead and wear a red lipstick 3 times a week, day or night, didn’t matter. I figured that wearing a beautiful red color in their  lips would create a deeper (un)conscious connection with their Sensual-Self.  

Let me explain a little bit about the Sensual-Self and how is it connected to us. The S.S. is an aspect of our psyche. It is rooted in the Wild Woman that we all are and is deeply connected with our Sex (female in nature). If you don’ t know about the Wild Woman you can think of her as a raw, dusty, gorgeous diamond hidden within the deepness of our Sub-Conscious minds waiting to be brought out to the light of our lives. Through ions of Sexual Energy misused and disconnection with our nature we have buried her deeper and deeper, fearing her beauty, her power and her presence. With it, we have also shun out our Sensuality.  We have totally fail to realize how important it is for the joyful fulfillment of our soul-desires and life purpose. The Wild Woman craves freedom. She deeply desires to be acknowledged, seen, expresses, praised and loved by us. 

Embodying our S.S. requires HEART and STRENGTH.  It compels us to really connect to our wombs, the center of life. To clear and heal all wounds and create a long-lasting bond with it. But we must willingly want to re-connect, re-empower and re-emerge as Wild Woman. 

Now days, our S.S. only comes out on special occasions. During a break-up, when looking for a mate, Christmas, Valentines, to feel sexy or “different” for a night. Many are not aware of this. So, to come out of this “temporary S.S. amnesia" a yummy Red Lipstick should do the trick. It immediately connects me to my blood, my strength and my presence in the world. It stands for most sacred time of my month and it offers me an intimate experience with my own feelings and emotions. It brings out my inner-fire and reminds me that I AM IN POWER!

 Why a Lipstick?!… Well because is right on YOUR FACE! Is out there! It creates chaos! and for many woman is completely out of their comfort zone! I did tried clothes, underwear, jewelry and shoes yet  nothing like it.  Applying red on your lips is almost a “lost art” if you know what I mean! I watched many YouTube videos before I got it “right”. I never thought I could actually use it as a channel for healing!  and now is the magic wand I use to remind  other woman of their glorious innate powers. 

So I invite you! Next time you Go-Out or Stay-In do your own Red Lipstick Experiment. Set some Heart-Felt intention. This time with a deeper understanding of your own connection to the energy and what it represents beyond the superficial. You might even gain deep wisdom from it. To keep all possibilities open you can also try your favorite red dress and/or comfy shoes. Keep in mind, whichever you pick, to show your Sensual-Self without shame. No Christmas date, not special occasion. Just for you. This will be the beginning of a healing relationship with an honest YOU through personal empowerment and self-love. Do it for your SEX. For the true beauty that rises within your womb like a Rose. Ready to open up and enchant the world every time you call on your Sensuality. 

Embracing your Sensual-Self is a journey back to your True Essence. It starts in recognizing your Sensual and Sexual Power as a Wild Woman on Earth.  Try it and let me know how it feels. Wear it as your most intimate color knowing that it takes you back to the beginning of you. Embrace it as the power of creation and life. 

Finally, I realized that my dear friends and family couldn’t resonate with me on Red. I understood that a part of them didn’t recognized nor accepted my Sensual-Self. They also had their own healing to do. To them I say thank you for another lesson learned always in love. 

The woman from my circle actually made a drastic shift in their behavior. Allowing themselves to feel free more often than not. More secure and knowing of their Presence. Some even came to the circle with their lips on Red! So blessed, so excited! It brings Joy to my Heart. I know the healing process worked, our Sensual-Self is awakening and the Wild Woman is surfacing from within us ALL.