hello guys!

..and so it starts! another night of intense energy frequencies updates/upgrades!
This is what I got so far for myself and those involved within Luminica Healing and Teachings:
- Divine Woman inbodyment (Divine Cosmic Mother/Father Love integration and actualization) 
- Crystal Diamond & Pink/Rose Electromagnetic Flows, entering 3D flow and Matrixes. 
- Pure Light Infusion DNA upgrades and RNA Dark Codes (best in session integration)
- Manifestation of the Inner Codex ~ Tools for integration into Oneness Consciousness (best in session integration)

We are NOW updating the I AM frequencies through full inbodyment of self.
Working deep within the clearing/releasing and anchoring of True Love Inbodyment.

PINK vibes all around! Self love in all Creation from Divine Love !

PS: is totally OK if you don't understand all this DNA/Light Energy Activation Talk. If you are NEW to this please read the following link on Applied Epigenetic, is the most "clear" explanation in a linear perspective of what I do through my Healing Practice ;)


* Luminica is the manifestation of all that I am . Is the exact dimension and energetic frequency from which I vibrate, Divine Love. It is the core fire of my Teachings and Healing and it stands for my Cosmic Mission to unite Consciousness through Divinity.

* Luminica is the core essence of the Healer, its located at the Heart Center and is the were our light emanates from, it represents the gifts I offer. From this sacred space arises my desire to awaken humanity back to pure love and Unity Consciousness.

Glendys + Luminica = Divine Love Manifested in Action.

Welcome to the NEW EARTH! Welcome to the Highest Version of YOU ever imagined! This is the NEW event horizon! This is NOW! Instant manifestations are going to "speed up" as many of us start to connect beyond what IS and we start living as IS! All is consciousness, all of it.