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  • Mississippi River Trail New Orleans, LA United States (map)


Around two week ago I started doing a Energetic Clearing of the Mississippi River with a  focus on the Lower Area which includes the famous New Orleans City. Tonight I am planning to finish the Upper Area. The purpose of this work is to help Urantia .aka. Gaia .aka. Mother Earth to shift into a higher frequency and to create, activate and maintain the Energy Vortexes that exist/about to exist within different areas of the Planet. As Urantia shifts so does the collective consciousness/subconscious of  individuals and collective groups.  

If you feel the call to help sustain the energy in awareness for this work you are more than welcome to connect energetically through meditation or just heart-felt intuition. 

This River is Magical and for me it represent  the LIVE STREAM of Abundance, Prosperity and Grace that flows through this country. The veins of Urantia (Earth) and even the Kundalini Force of the United States. Within the River I intuitive feel and sense many lost souls that are deep within the underground area. I also feel toxic energies that are stuck through  centuries of misuse of its energy and presence on this planet. 

Again, a heart-felt intuition is all that is needed to collaborate if you so feel like to the energetic cleansing of these waters. The more us that connect the better the shift in the collective. 

Awareness: This loving river is directed connected to the Ocean in the Golf of Mexico. I am adding some images I found very helpful to connect with the River Physical Space itself. 

Deep thanks to all the beautiful souls high and low that are already helping with the coming together of this work and the proper physical manifestation of the end result. In deep gratitude. 




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