Estefania Mas - Yoga Instructor

" Thank you Glendys for taking me to a higher state of awareness and for giving me the tools to increase my vibration!"  

Mena Teijeiro

" I have been exploring consciousness as a full time job for the past four years. Glendys right now is one of the main healers I am working with to further my expansion. She is at the leading edge of awareness and consciousness. She is a fabulous consciousness facilitator who teaches me and reminds me how to BE energetically in my body, ground and embody my higher self. She gives me the tools to empower myself, she teaches me how  open my senses to my environment and to the energies that are pulling on me.  Her loving ways, her energetic encouragement and wisdom are a gift to all. Allow yourself to receive the gift of YOU through her. Thanks Glendys!!!"

Carolina Francheschi

"In the short time that we been working together I gained a deeper understanding about myself and my main purpose in the spiritual experience I am living in.  She has given me the tools necessary to understand my psychic abilities in a simpler way and help me step by step  in my ascension process. Glendys can surround you with her love and assist you through the thresholds within yourself, peeling layers of emotion in a way that is difficult to put into words. For anyone looking into guidance and support as to how to do the work necessary in this rapidly changing times I can tell you she is a at forefront of energy and consciousness activation, working deep into DNA to release, merge and transform each individual and empower them to be aware and fully present into this New Earth."

Asha Mulchan 

"Dear Glendys, I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the wonderful Energy Work you did for me on August 2nd, 2015 in Miami. Although I have been on the spiritual path my entire life, I have always felt that something was holding me back, preventing me from stepping into my love, my light, my power. The work that you did enabled a powerful shift from fear and sadness into joy and love. I know that I am now the complete person I am meant to be, with the capacity and power to live life fully, joyfully and with divine intention.  I am indeed blessed and grateful to you. Much Love."