"Working with Glendys was truly enriching experience. She brought to my awareness incredible insight about my true self. She incorporates various modalities as she is intuitively guided to work with you. My favorite part of working with Glendys was doing the breath and energy work with her. her ability to guide you deep within and connect you to your Heart Center is Incredible. I had the most beautiful experiences and was able to connect, with her guidance, to my true self and feel absolute pure love. It was the most amazing experience in my entire life!  

Glendys is unconditionally loving and nurturing and at the same time strong and candid. She has your best interest at heart and is very dedicated to your healing process when working with you. Thank you Glendys!"

- Mariana 

"Hello Internet World! I'm Daniella, a Brazilian Recording-Performing Artist, Producer and Business Owner based in Miami, FL.

It is with great honor that I write these words, as they express my deeper healing experience because of the help of Glendys Morales... in a few words I must say that: She is a "Rock Star" of the modern profound underground healing community, helping me remembering and connecting my highest of light intentions, dreams, and visions into my earthly blood, flesh and visceral form. 

It got to a point that I felt I wasn't being able to move at a healthy pace. Even-though I was dedicating myself to my path of embodying my highest of dreams into my reality, it got to a point that specific dense cycles were repeating too much. Each time they would repeat, they would be slightly less heavy making it "easier" to navigate through them, but on the long run, it was making me too tired. I was getting exhausted and because of it, I was perhaps hurting myself.

Some heavier challenges were not trouble for me anymore. For the past 3 years a lot of personal work was done, and I was finally being able to see and feel peace more consistently... but I still felt "something"... I still felt emotional pain, and I was not being able to get to the core of "it". I did look for, and read information on deep self help. I also followed self and other's meditations.. but I wasn't able to understand fully how to transform myself into the next big and real step. I thought I had gone through a lot of "break throughs" already, until she helped seeing that I had much more "going deep" to do!

A natural giver and caring person is what I think I am, but I must admit that I'm still learning how to receive. So for me, that was the first barrier I had to break: Being OK with finding help. - YES, I understand that with so many challenging moments of other people hurting us, it is hard to TRUST! BUT... perhaps, we MUST trust in order to shift. I found out that I was doubting myself and others that were giving me love. I felt that I needed to be able to trust again, and trust that I would know how to keep going into the Deepness of the Unknown, with hope, faith, and love. 

Through Luminica Healing, I'm being able to dig deep into my shadows without any fears, and with a willing heart to transform this energy into pure love and light for me and for others. I'm also learning how to SEE my thoughts and intentions more clearly, and how to take care of myself, at a very deep level: by making and respecting the space for my emotions, soul, and body. I am being able to see my visions and dreams from a brighter perspective and I feel the healing happening. She's helping me heal from the inside out, and I can literally see it happening on my own skin. As I go through my days and work, I'm finding myself becoming aware of my feminine and masculine energy more as a "whole" working together. Because of Glendys teachings, I see that I'm being able to feel and then see which energy is more prominent at a certain point, depending on what I'm doing or working on.

I'm very grateful for Glendy's work, and I recommend her services. Please, be aware that you must be willing to take the ride of fully seeing yourself in the mirror. She holds your hands dearly. Much love and light to all."

- Daniella, Music Producer 


Hello Glendys

You are a blessing whose life and work impact the lives of many in ways positive. I enjoyed learning about wha makes you unique and special. Your site is a testament to the beauty of who you are. Know that you are touching souls and enriching lives. Yours is a path of purpose. You are shining light whose efforts empower. Thank you for opening your heart to others in such a profound way. I wish you a journey of ethereal bliss. 


May you live in peace as you explore realms of spirit and may you believe fully in yourself as you share your gifts and greatness. 


   Yours in Transcendent Truth

MicHEAL Teal - The Ancient One

“Energy Clearing and DNA Activation are uncomfortable healing modalities for many of us. We want to believe but simultaneously resist believing what we cannot see or touch. This type of work requires the participation of everyone involved. One will get from it as much as one is willing to invest in and work on. 

Glendys’ passion in her work is contagious. She is her work and her work is her.

During my sessions with her following her guidance, we have gently and with love ended many cosmic contracts, reunited with my cosmic family, removed blockages and filled my heart with pure love. Our conversations are expanding not contracting.

Don’t Expect to have it easy! She won’t let you get away with pretense.

I always look forward to my next session! :)”

— Stephanie Gautier, Owner at Pamuya Healing Sanctuary

“I am finally able to write a few lines about how powerful the effect of your LightWork has been in my life! For a long time I felt lost and scattered, knowing who I was but unable to step into into that person fully.

Ever since I lost my beloved fiance in that horrible incident a decade ago my soul just stopped believing and gave up on the beautiful person I am. 

Through your guidance, I was able to travel through other times and realms and retrieve all the pieces of my broken self I left scattered across the cosmos through my painfully broken heart. I feel full again, present again, powerful again. As soon as the retrieval took place, things in my life began to progress at an accelerated pace. In the matter of a month, I had the house I have always wanted, I started painting again, I started writing again, I started smiling again and being natural again. 

I don’t have the words to explain just how amazing the experience of your LightWork was to me after so many years of suffering in the dark. 

Thank you Glendys for your vast power and love and light.


— Lakshmi Stephanie Onofri, Writer

"Dear Glendys,

I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the wonderful Energy work you did for me on August 2nd, 2015 in Miami. 

Although I have been on the spiritual path my entire life, I have always felt that something was holding me back, preventing me from stepping into my love, my light, my power.

The work that you did enabled a powerful shift from fear and sadness into joy and love. I know that I am now the complete person I am meant to be, with the capacity and power to live life fully, joyfully and with divine intention.

I am indeed blessed and grateful...

Much Love. ”

— Asha Mulchan

“I have been exploring consciousness as a full time job for the past four years. Glendys right now is one of the main healers I am working with to further my expansion. She is at the leading edge of awareness and consciousness.

She is a fabulous consciousness facilitator who teaches me and reminds me how to BE energetically in my body, ground and embody my higher self. She gives me the tools to empower myself and learn how to be open to sense my environment, the energies that are pulling on me and the next layer that wants to be shed.

Her loving ways, her energetic encouragement and wisdom are a gift to all.

Allow yourself to receive the gift of YOU through her. Thanks Glendys!!!”

— Mena Teijeiro

“In the short time that we been working together I gained a deeper understanding about myself and my main purpose in the spiritual experience I am living in.

She has given me the tools necessary to understand my psychic abilities in a simpler way and help me step by step in my ascension process.

Glendys can surround you with her love and assist you through the thresholds within yourself, peeling layers of emotion in a way that is difficult to put into words.

For anyone looking into guidance and support as to how to do the work necessary in this rapidly changing times I can tell you she is at the forefront of energy and consciousness activation, working deep into DNA to release, merge and transform each individual and empower them to be aware and fully present into this New Earth.”

— Carolina Franceschi, Angel Intuitive