“I am finally able to write a few lines about how powerful the effect of your LightWork has been in my life! For a long time I felt lost and scattered, knowing who I was but unable to step into into that person fully.

Ever since I lost my beloved fiance in that horrible incident a decade ago my soul just stopped believing and gave up on the beautiful person I am. 

Through your guidance, I was able to travel through other times and realms and retrieve all the pieces of my broken self I left scattered across the cosmos through my painfully broken heart. I feel full again, present again, powerful again. As soon as the retrieval took place, things in my life began to progress at an accelerated pace. In the matter of a month, I had the house I have always wanted, I started painting again, I started writing again, I started smiling again and being natural again. 

I don’t have the words to explain just how amazing the experience of your LightWork was to me after so many years of suffering in the dark. 

Thank you Glendys for your vast power and love and light.


— Lakshmi Stephanie Onofri, Writer