It all started when… . 

we came into the womb. Yet few really remember this. Few really pay attention to the place they were born into and from. They might honor the mother but don't honor the womb, the yoni, the physical space were there bodies were formed and life was giving to the cells. This is the place within women with the deepest need for self love, healing, empowerment and self-actualization. For them I have created sacred space within me and for them I have created different methods to heal sexual trauma, abuse and pain. To them I welcome to this space when ready knowing that here they are safe and cared for. Now let us begging:

- Yoni Egg Sacred Ritual 

- Goddess Empowerment Retreat

- Tantric Training  

- Sexual Healing Session

- Womb Healing Session

- Spiritual Birth Preparation

- Pregnancy Blessing 

- Womb Blessing 

- Crystal Goddess Meditation

- Tripple Goddess Activation  

- Sacred Dance Circle

- Sound Healing Circle & Grid Work